Monday, February 4, 2019

Happy or sad!

This morning, a special celebration today but instead of happiness, I am sad and disappointed! 
My son said there were 4 deer in my blueberries last night when he came home!  We live in a larger space than most and because of hunting regulation and my early negative towards our neighbor hunting on our property,  they have a safe area to Stay!  We really didn't have much trouble the odd year when there was clear cutting close.  This year,   I am glad they didn't eat much of my blueberries but wow one of my male holly bushes doesn't have much left!  And they certainly love my eynomous. 
Displacement........  nova Scotia' s changing rural areas!  I hope government and people realizing this displacement factor and the link of mental health and people and nature not having the space.......

Saturday we spent some time at the vets with my youngest pup!  We hopefully find out Wednesday his results!  It's sad watching, researching, knowing a little bit about genetic and spent 1 and half years 17 years ago going thru pedigree lines to find that perfect healthy puppy!  I guess I thought I could be in control; science, testing and access to information but I guess not!  Luck?

Health and happiness wishes!

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  1. Hello, stranger! I hope your pup is okay! So sorry I haven't been visiting your blog lately. After Brian's stroke, I don't seem to have much time, and I only blog sporadically, hardly at all last month. Trying to do better this month!

    Sorry to read about your blueberries. It's so discouraging. Something continues to eat one of our burning bushes to the ground. The hardy little thing keeps springing back up but it never gets very tall.

    Hope things are going a bit better there now and that your pup will be okay.