Wednesday, May 6, 2020


When we have certain expectations.... we trust the outcome......when that outcome fails;  it picks at our mental health.....all comes down doing our best.....and trust that everyone is doing their best with honorable intentions ....not being motivated by $$$!  

Wonder what effect aroma therapy would have on these controversial issues our country is debating......

Emotional response in no way a tool of making good decision and choices.

In soil science and the lawsuits with roundup....scientific facts were presented but the cases were judged on emotional state. 

 Having choice is part of mental health.  Education is part of mental health, having a foundation of friends and family support you and educate you to have a different perspective is good mental health. 

Choice of drugs...legally or not are coping tools for societies judgements...rules and regulations.

As always I just want everyone to be Happy!  

Always available to help!  We all have something. Thankful to be privileged to have a health care team that gave me mobility and thankful I can walk! I am Thankful!