Wednesday, May 6, 2020


When we have certain expectations.... we trust the outcome......when that outcome fails;  it picks at our mental health.....all comes down doing our best.....and trust that everyone is doing their best with honorable intentions ....not being motivated by $$$!  

Wonder what effect aroma therapy would have on these controversial issues our country is debating......

Emotional response in no way a tool of making good decision and choices.

In soil science and the lawsuits with roundup....scientific facts were presented but the cases were judged on emotional state. 

 Having choice is part of mental health.  Education is part of mental health, having a foundation of friends and family support you and educate you to have a different perspective is good mental health. 

Choice of drugs...legally or not are coping tools for societies judgements...rules and regulations.

As always I just want everyone to be Happy!  

Always available to help!  We all have something. Thankful to be privileged to have a health care team that gave me mobility and thankful I can walk! I am Thankful!

Monday, April 20, 2020

rural burden

30 plus years ago I had to write a paper on the changing rural nova scotia;  my professor was from a dairy farm in Ontario.  I often wondered if she had seen the changes that I stared to see.  Our age has a different prospective as well as economic culture. I am often told that nova Scotia is further behind with trends than the rest of canada.  A neighbour refers to our changing neighbourhood as the bedroom community.  Our once large family culture...were displaced for the dream of economic security or away from memories . 

 Our community changed and no one has the time or want to make the investment to know their neighbours.  Some avoid the controversial conversation when conflict does arises.  
All I everyone to be Happy!  
I want to feel safe to walk my dog and that I don't have to worry that someone is going to take what I do have.

I finally realized while I was unable to sleep Saturday night....I always carried the baggage that I was a burden.  When my mom had her accident when I was 7....that I witnessed; a couple of family members looked after me.  I now recognized that one aunt's interaction of "coldness" really had a huge impact to my trauma and now.....
It's sad her behavior now as a much older adult and our dysfunctional family  but as always I can give everyone excuses as why they have their actions.  

  Be thankful that you have been given the tools and supports thru life when we really need them! 
Be kind!  

Thursday, April 16, 2020


Yesterday wasn't as productive as I would have liked .  My buttons got pushed and the over thinking kicks in.  This morning and evening, t finds her new acquired voice of her excitement of her family and her demands of attention of treats and rubs.  10 years plus of shelties doing all the talking...her voice wasn't often heard in that happy environment! ♥️  Yesterday morning being left in that very short time while I take the garabage to the curb, speaking the all firmular barking of displeasure! The alone time! My 24/7 dog!  I don't take full responsibility for that...but most of it!  She certainly has prepared me well for 2020!   A post a few days ago someone meantioned leash aggression....i take responsibility for that  but also it is easy to look back and judge myself on those choices and my education /experience .  Childhood trauma contributed to my over reactions, having all the experiences of interaction with dog people for many many years likely didn't help me.   Yesterday's debate on tail docking and a person thinking that they are in complete control of the financial abligation for a pet. I thought wow! I wished I could be that confident!  Then this morning another person....that's how nature made them ...that's sort of something my dad would say!  Convincing him to have my ears pierced or when coy and Morgan went for their sterilization surgery...he didn't really think highly of that  but I signed a document that said that I would! ....and one thing i try to be is honorable! Soon it will be a year gone without my special critter!   I miss expectations that he was going to out live tia.  That lady's post yesterday about tail docking, reconfirmed that we all think we are in control....30 years ago my financial world fell apart.  The expectations that working  4 jobs to pay for my education, buy property and a vehicle to get to work....but jobs end.  Sometimes quicker than we plan.  I feel bad for my dad; those that were born in the thirties or before...the poor...dogs were a me my dog has many many jobs....I use to hope to be able to afford I am just grateful!  Gratitude 

Stay well!  Peace, happiness, and respect  ♥️

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

trust....did you try your best?

Happy Tuesday!  ♥️  as alway I wish everyone health and happiness!  I find it troubling the feeds now when we are making judgements and the conspiracy thought process.  It is very troubling our federal leader choice to not set a postive example.  I am not liberal....pc or any organized agenda.  I get no hand out coming in monthly! I view people's actions and watch their body and really try not to listen to my brain saying their facial expressions or actions are telling me not to trust them!   I am troubled that big business employe lawyers specialist in joint stocks and they find the loop holes.  Follow the I often say! My dad use to read a lot and i often told him not to be so judgmental! I judge Companies and their ethics of how they got ahead....Monsanto is a big one or locally Irving.  and we have a provincial government that says stop looking for loop holes in our attemp to stop the spread of this virus to protect our most at Risk! I understand we are ALL in this together!  For the whole world we need trust that they have a level of ethical standards.....if the poor have to provide food and shelter for their families because of lack of social cash flow...their choice may have a direct effect on the environment and then affect the whole world! 

 I was truly so lucky to be brought up with the ethics and values that you get up and work....doesn't matter if you make less than the social system made sitting home.  You worked and you helped people! No expectations of money! I am glad those that can take a vacation or have the cash flow to live in 2 places; I am totally happy for you.  Everyone works hard....I just want trust! Trust that people are responsible for their actions.  I want trust that I can go for my walk and the actions of other's don't cause safety issues for my dog!   I want trust that people are not going to litter or steal! Abandoned nova Scotia group, beautiful pictures but it's scary some of their thought processes and the whole trespassing principles. Trust that people are honorable  and kind and not out to find the loop hole of making money off of the poor and middle class or our government!  We need trust that everyone follows the safety guidelines to their best of their ability.....did you try your best.......that's  what my dad asked! 

Dear Mr Trudeau .....please be careful of your actions!  You are our leader and I will respect that.  You must set an example...everyone is watching!  I am trying to not judge because of how i was brought up...honor and not dreams and expectations got squashes 30 years ago;  graduation, expectations and blessed to understand financial risk management. I try really hard to turn off my lack of trust for you....some of your looks / expression that you give....I find your expressions give me a chilling lack of trust but I remind myself that it's not your is your actions!  You must hold that line....just like the rest of us sir!  You must set an example!  Please be honorable and please don't have a personal agenda!  Please be responsible for your actions! 

Trust....did you do your best....

Friday, April 10, 2020

we are all in this together!

Our provincial population is under a million;  a million Canadian were away from this country so how many were from our province?  
I understand we are all in this together.   As much as I would like to buy everything Canadian made; we need global economics and global interest for everyone's safety And a world safety interest of our environment.  When basic needs are not met,  people will take different risks and those risks can have impact on the whole world.   As the case here!
When people don't get proper nutrients and have the proper mental stability starts in life has a strong relation in a a postive contribution to our world.  We are not all under the same governance, moral and ethical umbrella!   And if we had respect and trust....we would not have any issues!  Not everyone has the same mental capacity due to mental issues, health, food, shelter and education.  

Freedom of choice is part of good mental health guided with education of respectful and moral obligation to treat others and our environment with respect.  If everyone questioned their choices when they have Personal financial gain who expense did I achieve this?  

Being thankful....

We are in this together! 

Please stay safe!  Wash your hands; don't touch your face, keep away from others by at least 6 feet;  that changes with air currents in that space.  Cough into your elbows or wear a mask....

Take care! 

Health and happiness wishes to the world! 

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Happy Easter

I have made no cards this easter! 
Time and worry of infection to my family and friends over ride the action, I guess!

It's a time to reflect! 

Spring 30 years ago is a memory of thanks to my awesome dentist!  Glad i have another awesome health team now! Need to find ways to help them! It's sad to know that the economic will play in our future.  We live in a world of control of resources via cash flow!  Sad but true!
I haven't had cash flow for 22 years!  I try to support my family and friends!  I try to help them!  I volunteered for 17 years full time...volenteered all my life!  

 Those years in school; Jaw pain and ear pain often occurred!  It was a year of graduation; the few time my dad came!  Lol! He never came out to public gathers much. Walking up on stage I don't remember....standing around after and before with family and friends are the memories! The before wait brought anxiety But i guess if i had of fell going on stage....a memory would have stuck! Lol! Sad we remember the bad!  Lol!  It was also the aftermath of fire at my gram's; watch relative's and neighbors interactions as they came in to the remains; these experiences  had value as I navigated my interaction there after.  When people are down with their luck or what ever you want to name it....we make judgment of their behavior.  But we are taught not to judge!  I believe in education ....being honest and kind! Our  hobby interest of racing was impacted that year too, moving to a new building with that hobby and learning how a big business affected a friend's livelihood. All lessons learned!
Trust has always been in play.  We are all brought up with different values and ethics.  We all don't have the same resources...especially our start in our childhood. We all have had something!
Sometimes i Wished i wasn't so tired in those years and maybe I would have learned more at the track!  Race track.  As someone commented that paying to come to the track to sleep!  Lol! But i had a lot of baggage then as we all do! My mom had a really bad accident on a bicycle when i was 7, being there set a tone of panic in my mental state,  my brother died when I was 9..... I worked 4 jobs when I went to college !  I did the best I could! 

It is a beautiful day now....I am so hoping that mother nature will be kind to us this weekend....13 years ago was a hard Easter Sunday.   ♥️

Just hope a bid to the rules so we all can be safe!  

Still doing wash this morning ! Thankful I have wash to do!  Thankful the washer....just leaks a bit! Lol! ♥️

Happy Easter!  Please stay home,  keep 6 feet distance and wash your hands!

We are this together!  
We need to build trust in each other!
Kindness and helping!  Please!  

Friday, April 3, 2020

the nightmare continues

I hope everyone is safe and staying healthy.  Morning starts with washing hands at least a dozen times while making lunches.  Then seeing them off with my usual;  "be careful!".  They leave I start boiling water,  spray every place of touching surface down with cleaner.  Go back to where I started spraying and wipe everything dry!  Mix yeast to make bread for tomorrow lunch.  Then pour the hot water into the failing washer....and start today's wash.  While it squeaks and groans with every motion I have my coffee and breakfast.  Gratitude and being thankful but really getting tired of this for more than 2 weeks! We lived in a world of instant gratification and convenient!  Everyone's minute was accounted for.

As time goes on, I am a bit angry and I really try to be postive.  It's sad the world is in the state it is in because of people that had the depositable income to travel and big corporations that are shareholders all across the world moved this virus.  All caused because of very poor people trying to put food and shelter on their families' table.  lack of education? And ethics? So what's are solutions? Mandating the government to educate?  Do we as the world donate money to these people so they can become educated about their choices and maybe give them ideas for better choices?

I guess I am also angry because my province passed a animal rights law a while back that scared my breed of interest away.  I can't buy a breed of my choice in my province.   I also had and have a bigger concern for importing dogs from other countries to our country.  If you want to help these poor animals then network with someone at the source and send them your money!  Stop displacement. My pockets are far from deep so when people bring in animals with unknowns to our area ....importing canines are risking the health and safety of our pets.  

I say all this but we are all in this together.   Industry, tourism all supported the wealth of our world.  When we have rights and freedoms we are wealthy.  We all don't share the same governance and freedoms.  We take for granted turning a tap and having water.  I get everyone wants a better life....
I am quite content to just stay home....lots to do!
My dh wish list was to go some day on the Alaska cruise.  He will now need a new wife! 

I hope our society has now time to appreciate those private sector workers and those private sector that are small business and are on call 24/7.  Many never had the preveledge to take vacation  of two weeks at a time as many corporate, union and government employees always I wish for health and happiness! 
Social distancing....washing hands and look after your mental health and try to be creative!  
Be kind  
Be happy
And stay safe with good information!