Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Learning Indication


A new Behaviour!  LOL!  

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Beginner Tracking Human Scent with your dog


Beginner Introduction to Tracking
one on one training: approx. 2 hours
Time: 9:00
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Friday October 21
Location: Rawdon Area of East Hants, Nova Scotia Canada
introduced to article indication
• reward base training process; with a reward event
• learn what a scent pad is
• learn to lay a set of tracks;
• introduced to start a habit of keeping records
• learn to start your dog on a track with a clear process
• learn to end a training session with a clear process
• learn to create habits to build your team's communication
• discuss some of the elements that you need to understand when distractions are added
• learning to watch for the indicators when on scent
If interested please email:
for more information.
Thanks so much for your support.

Learning "Crittering"

 I have been drilled, 

said the "drill", 

watched the "drill" 

for more than 40 years

......"watch your dog"! 

 I am grateful for the years of experience of learning within groups.  Most of the years watching your dog to make sure they were not reacting with someone's else's dog!  Now I am watching for the signs of indication of scent.  Learning to read "crittering" is a valuable tool!  

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Article in Tracking Human scent

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In the CKC TD title there is only one leather article for the dog to find.  In this picture we work on articles as a separate component.  My puppy is weak on articles in a tracking exercise!  She loves to track!  It has been so cool looking back at how we have got to where we are now!  It's been amazing having a dog that has confidence.  

Love my girl!

Track Layer

 Building a communication with your track layer is as important as the communication that you are building with your dog!  

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 I am moving on to start giving lessons for beginners! LOL! 

Dogs tracking human scent! 

 It has been an awesome year of learning with my puppy!  Took my first formal lesson more than a decade ago,  a couple of ladies came here when I didn't have any dogs.  we followed the lesson plan from a book my son gave me for Christmas in 2020. it was awesome to watch 3 dogs learn.  A great tool to be able to take it all in while I was waiting for my puppy!  

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My puppy has been tracking since she was 11 weeks old with a different approach.  

My puppy, has been the greatest teacher!