Wednesday, January 1, 2014

housemouse: Spectrum Noir Challenge: food

Posted quick with my blackberry once again! I was shopping yesterday and purchased enough colors now of spectrum noir to be able to color! Now I have greens and browns! Happy Happy! Housemouse stamps are now becoming one of my favorite! took me a while to warm up to them! I received this stamp for christmas; purchased at our new local store in Windsor! LOVE the store! Fun coloring! not sure you'll enjoy all my pictures! Last picture I forgot to take; after it was cut down to size: I used my "foamy wedge" colored the foamy with the brown EB7 and shaded the bottom edges of the card. used IB2 Blue on the foamy wedge to shade the edge of the top and background... Love these foam wedges; very very useful and cheap! BIG thanks to our new store; Nika Paper Arts supplies, for pointing us to these! Thank you for looking! Best Wishes for this New Year! ps. I did go shopping for a new computer; but it didn't work out! I had a new one in hand out to the parking lot but looked at the tag walking! The one I purchased had 8 gigs...the tag said it only had 4! so back in I went! when they pull the boxes off the shelf; they just look at the bar code! it wasn't the computer that I purchased! I wasn't a happy camper! So someday I will be able to do a little better posting! :) With lots of my grammer spelling errors! But sorry I'm still stuck with a old computer....and my blackberry for a little while yet!

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