Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Ball point paint tube

This "blog app" is cool, however it does not like it when I go looking for the stored pictures! So, It works for me! Instant gratification! :). Play, type,take a pic, play!  

Hope everyone is doing awesome!  My morning walk is in less than 3/4 of an hour!  Always on a time schedule! :) 

I picked up a new stamp yesterday at Nika's;  by io.

 Stamped archival black.
Coloring with aunt Martha's ball point paint tube.  Little dot of color applied in the darkest area, used paint brush with a little solvent, pull out the color!
How awesome is that?
Lots of "open" time to blend!
This was just a quick try using this product for the first time.

My "cheap" paper really doesn't like water! And I do not like paper pilling!  So this worked wonderfully!

So got back from our walk, then shoveled.....3hours later, sitting back down to "play"!

thanks for looking! 
 Have a great holiday

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Gel printing plates

Versatex ink, gel plates, stencils, brayer, chipboard

So much fun! 

Use as a stamp too! 
The sympathy card I posted earlier, the stamp was raw rubber, so I used my gel plate to make it into a stamping block!

Turn all those ugly colors of chipboard into cool embellishments!

While making a background print.

Or to color our die cuts with ink! (We all have paper/ card stock we don't like). The geli plate holds the parts !

Gel plates are an awesome tool!

Thanks for looking!  Have a great day!


Chocolate baroque

Good morning!  Hope everyone is enjoying some relaxation time! I had awesome Christmas and we had spring like weather, so great for travelling!

The other night I made this card with a new set of stamps my dh gave to me!  :) and new watercolors!  Paper was not watercolor so not a ideal view of the products! Also used this product called, goosebumps!  So cool, to use as a mask.  Thanks goes to Nicole.

Sorry that I made a sympathy card !

Thanks for stopping bye!  Enjoy the holidays!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas cards

Been trying to play catch up with card making!  My mom makes the same lay out and design idea each year!  (She does an amazing well mastered plan!  Her cards are always so beautiful!  ) 
Sometimes I think that is what I should do too!  I hate making choices!  And some you can really tell I'm in a rush ! 

Some I like, some I don't!
 Yup!  Life is only as busy as you make it! :) 
Right now I can always find lots to do!  Someday I won't be able, so I'm going.... going while I can! :)

Likely won't get "on here" again before Christmas!  So I Hope everyone has a VERY Merry Christmas!  Wishing everyone Health and Happiness! 

Many Thanks to everyone for stopping by this year, Huge thanks to those that stopped to leave comments and all those that have been inspiring me!  Thanks for giving me a "up lift" sometimes!

To me, Christmas is not only about the" reason for the season";  but also for thanking all the "Good" thru out the year!   Take nothing' for a blink it can be gone! 

The comments are very much appreciated!  Sorry I don't get on here often and come visit!    

PS.  We have post card perfect outside right now!  It is so very pretty!  Trees are laying with snow this morning! Everything has a nice white blanket of white!   The roads were a tad slippery driving home last night from dog obedience class!  But as always,  I'm so very very lucky because I have an awesome vehicle!  :)  I do love the snow!  :) I bought a new "scoop" I'm ready!  :)

Merry Christmas!  Happy Holidays and Be Happy!  :)  But most of all.......Thanks!  :)

Happy December; My "rotten" boards!

Hello everyone I hope everyone is doing great! 
I'm on here, as always, for a quick post to share!  :(  :)  Sorry, I'm always in a rush!
This is the first time I  have turned on my computer in likely a week!
Have lots to do!  As everyone!  :)

Wasn't in the mood to make more cards and have my gifts almost ready to go for today's deliveries!

I have been working on "rotten" boards!  The first one, I started many months ago!  Didn't really know what I was doing/ how to go about doing it so was a huge learning curve!  The finished product I was really happy with!  :)  And that doesn't happen often!  :)  I have to credit my friends for giving me the confidence!   Pointing me in the right direction and giving me knowledge and inspiring!  Many thanks to Pam and Nicole! One friend seen it all thru the process and helped and then I had the courage to take it to Windsor and show my other friend!  Then I showed the admin at the place that I often visit for the last 8 years of my life!  :) 
She was inspired for a gift idea but it needed a Hawk!  So, that weekend my boys were working so I started on the second! 
They were so much fun to make!

 I hope I inspired you!  Thanks for looking! 
Love stampscape!  some stenciles and PSX stamp! (the verse;  no idea the brand)
 Lots of coloring tools!  :)
Lots of texture, sparkle and shine!  

Have a awesome day!  :)  Wishing everyone Health and Happiness!  :)