Wednesday, May 20, 2015

May.....where is the month going?

Good day everyone!  Hope everyone is enjoying their spring!  We have been having awesome weather here in NS!  The last of our snow went on Sunday!
May 15 2015;  Last of the snow!

 I'm super tired this morning (so forewarned; lots of errors!) and wanted to do crafts before I started the day (and it is "wetting" outside!)!  I have a new background die to inspire me!  But wasn't being very productive so decided I would do a post!  I get very tiring on Tuesdays!  This week my physio was an early appointment and then hung out doing a variety of errants waiting for dog obedience classes in the evening!   I try to take nothing for granted!  a blink of an eye can change your life completely!

Anyway!  It was damp on Sunday too so I got to "play" with my "clutter"!  This is what I came up with on.........
200 year old shingle!

My first attempt with water color paper, wood, and ink!

Now the addiction continues!  :)

Yesterday I got a demo on gelli plates at Nika's in Windsor!  They are really cool!  I'm hoping to take a class !  When time and $$ allow!  May and January, bad months!  :)
The new inks that she  has in.....shine!  Very cool!  Make works of "art"  look like oil paintings!

taken from Nika's facebook posting:
nika Samples: Versatex inks on gelli plate. So versatile - unconstrained by old school screening/print processes [so product intensive!] Beautiful results are available without the need for a massive & costly print press; or messy screens & it's possible to wring every last bit of ink from the plate, from the brayer, & even from the masks with this method of printing. The new workshop is almost ready to launch - just waiting for one more product to arrive. In the meantime, come get a peek - the work table is messier than ever - but it's too fun to stop!!

Isn't it inspiring?

Also;  started using diamond glaze on Sunday;  advise from Nicole!  It is an awesome product!

Please visit Windsor! Nika's ; is a store packed with lots of product, ideas and inspirations!

Even the adhesive double sided tape!  We (My family and friends) use to always use the creative tape product line; for attaching our layers; the product that Nika sells is much better value! She has the creative large rolls too! It is a great product too.....Anyway...... I'm not an on line buyer,  can't get the experience and knowledge the same as you can from going to a store!  I'm into instant gratification!  and I don't have the patients to wait! :)

There is lots to do and explore in Hants County!

Stop at Swinamers, Garland's Crossing for lunch and have a donair! Or Lisa's downtown!  Or Hantsport to R and G Family Restaurant;  lots of places to eat for every budget!  :)
Or picnic parks to enjoy!

Olton's for a farm experience and great fresh meat produce or Manning for fresh veggies!

Or plants sales!  Lots of awesome growers!  Day lilies grower in Woodville with over a hundred varieties!  See the tidal bore in Sweet's Corner/Mantway Or Avondale to the winery! Cheverie ,  walk on the beach and see the glittery gysum reacting with the salt;   Burncoat Head for the most awesome scenery experience!  But be sure to check the tides!

Awesome Hants County!  Hants County proud!

Thanks for looking!  Hope everyone has a great day!  Living in the Moment!  :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wednesday break

Good day everyone!  Trying to get a hundred and one things done!  And want it all done yesterday!  I easily lose focus and get over whelmed!  I have to remember to take one day at a time and make lists!  Anyway been staying very busy,  taking down old fences for the safety of my dogs and the "bush hog" !  Planting, weeding,  filling in ditches and chopping down trees!  I planted a hedge many decades ago when the kind of tree didn't matter;  just wanted something to grow!  They were fir trees and now have that blight in them!  so down they came!  This morning I walked to the lake and stuck willow cuttings in the soil!  I have been "fighting" with the Alders for at least 8 years down there!  I opened up a good sized section ;  clearing the alders off hoping the Sugar Maples will have a chance to take root!   As my son said I just opened it up and invited the fisherman in!  So it goes!  I'm really really grateful!  I love where I live!  It is so beautiful!
So crafting is minimum!  I have lots of ideas and hopes,  just not the time!
here is one that was on my camera from a while back!  Thanks for "stopping"
Hope you all are having a great Spring Mid week!  :)

Happy May!  Oh, and the ticks are here!

Friday, May 1, 2015


I just came in for lunch after 2;  left the house at 9:30 ish!  My wrists were saying it is time to stop!  I have all the blueberries pruned now!  Favorite variety will still be Duke!  St. Cloud is still on my list to not buy again!  Dissappointed a bit; still prunning out blight!  I thought I got it all last fall!  But happy to see winter damage was very minimum!  The deer helped a little bit!  :)  Anyway hope all are enjoying this beautiful day!  No bugs,  warm enough my hands are not getting cold,  Happy Day!