Sunday, October 11, 2015

What makes me happy!

Walking the dogs!  Having an extra dog and feeling really safe walking!  :)

  The colors in leaf foliage are getting more brilliant each day! 

 Counting my blessing!   I'm really lucky to have access to this beautiful place with these beautiful critters! 

 Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

More Boxes

So the holly berry house stamp inspired me to make another box but wanted to use the Magenta holly stamp that I have from Nika's store! 
So this is what I came up with!  Used the Kaleidacolo "Fennel" ink pad!
I added the messy line work.......didn't like that after I started but had to go with it!  So imagine with out the black lines!

I used my "corner" scissors and score board!  VERY simple and quick!  :)

The box size would be awesome for cookies (If I baked!  NOT!), K-cups, a ornament......just lots of things!  Possibilities........endless!  :)

Ribbon, piping, glitter, peel offs, jewels.................... watercolor....color bursts!  paper........too many ideas, not enough time! 

Still a tab chilly/ wet yet to go outside to work, so hoping to have a time to play with the gelli printing plates and my white box paper! 

Thanks for stopping by!  Fall is here!  The colors are amazing outside!  But not liking the short days!  Miss going for our walks to the lake after supper!  Can't have everything!  :)  Want my cake and eat it too! :) Feel pretty lucky!  Many Thanks!  Have a great day everyone!  Fall Best Wishes!  :)

Gift Boxes!

Yesterday I needed a gift!  Instant gift!  :)
So I have an another Holly Berry House box making stamp!  Inked it direct to paper with versa magic inks.  Inked it and stamped it 5 times! Cut out and glued the panels together. It was a quick box!  Then die cut 2 each  Grand Post Outline and  Grand Luxe Poinsettia Outline from poppy stamps!

Add a cake of body shop soap and a hand cream!  Done! 
So of course the picture isn't the best! 
Rush, Rush, Rush!  :)

Thanks for looking!  Hope you have a wonderful day!  :)

Friday, October 2, 2015

Happy Fall

So the other week,  staying home;  I justified going shopping for "therapy"!
I had been saving lots on gas! :)

Came home with so many new "toys" !  COLOR bursts were one!  :)

Nuance were another!

Found in store at

So I was just having fun, nothing completed!  I have lots to learn;  but it was fun playing and seeing the water/ color interact!  

Thanks for looking!  Have a great weekend!


I find myself constantly being reminded of the no bats!

The blame.....the white nose fugus?

 I think this is our second or third year with no bats!

The other night on the news, they had an article about the increase in mosquitoes!  Everyone around me know my view on this!  NO bats is the problem!  They were the best control of those pests and so many others!

A cool experience as a kid, going swimming at the lake after haying , we could watch this "black cloud" flying from the top of the hill to the water!  Bugs were not a problem!

I had a summer job at a museum a number of decades ago and every morning when I opened, I would do my hunt for bats, finding them curled up in window sills, crock pots , just anywhere!  Once found, I would either avoid that area for the day if visitors came or go get the neighbour to take it outside for me!   To find them laying about was not a sign of great heath;  I didn't know that then! The year before I worked at the museum, the interpreters had become ill in the humid summer.  The guano had become toxic.  So the museum trustees  closed the museum to the public for a couple of week and did some cleaning of the attic of the building.  So that disruption of their little ecosystem likely made the bats ill?

I guess I should have continued with my research/science education!  I'm only have a diploma in plant science!  And the saying when you don't use it you lost it!  Is so very true!

In our society, habitat changed;  wooden shingles buildings became fewer and fewer...we want low maintenance homes!  Everything has to look pretty!  Older buildings became fewer and fewer!  Old building are a liability to insurance companies!    Ecosystems and money!

 Now wind energy!  Not against this great resource but really feel that this another catalyst in the bat decline!  The first turbines were in Amherst;  close to the precious bay of Fundy;  many bats found along this shore line!  Everything is a fragile ecosystem!  Consequences to everything we do!
sometimes good!  sometime bad!   lower the threshold.....lower our/ their  resistance!

Happy October

Today it is raining/ wet and the first day I have been home all week!

So this morning I made a gift box!

"Playing" with Holly Berry House;  Rocky Mountain Santa!  Beautiful stamp!
For  the box sides: a piece of echo park paper  from Nika's in Windsor NS.!

Colored the Santa with Lyra water crayolas; using a brush to apply the color.

Box 6 1/4 " / 2 "/ 7 3/4"

I also made a card last night!  Pretty plain, no die cuts.  used my Bruynzeel Expression to color.

 And Stickles!

Thanks for looking!  Have a wonderful day!

PS.  Holly Berry House Originals can be found at 

Lots of new Christmas images in the store!
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