Sunday, April 19, 2015

Water color class: part 2

At Nika's in Windsor:  Using water color pencils!

This was a special canvas that you can wipe and start over!  Pretty cool!  If only I can remember what it is called!  :(

Thanks for looking!  Have a great week!

a dollar store inspiration...

and a couple of photos I have found of a farm!  I was just playing to see if I can actually draw! It was my first attempt at water color painting on a canvas board!

I'm inspired to dig out the saw that my mom's brother gave to me likely over a decade ago!  (this variable called "time"  limits my inspiration! Like everyone today!)

I'm hoping my boys will get the saw primed for me!  :)

Have a great day!  Thanks for looking!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Wished it could stay like this!

Sun is shinning, sky is blue!  What another awesome day!  pruned 2 rows of blueberries;  Blue Ray (the other 5 rows still insulated well with our white stuff!  :)  Cleaned up my pruning mess from the other day!  Still on snow shoes!  :)  It is awesome!  it rain a little tiny bit the other day;  but it is just a nice melt!  In the woods;  still go to your knees or further!  Dogs are getting great work out and it is so awesome not to be hounded;  they are Happy guys!  (they got to the lake this afternoon, a new way,  exploring new territory makes them happy!)

Thinking about setting down "a set of tracks"  to start tracking exercises with the dogs!  Hard to get motivated with this!  It will be a lot of work (dog training and volunteering) and I think this year we have our work cut out for us in so many other areas!  Anyway, we'll see!  It has only been a year starting a new chapter!  Everything happens for a reason and it all works out in the end!

Ps.  Love hearing the birds!  Living in the moment!    I'm so grateful and thankful!

Hope everyone is enjoying this great weekend!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Still Happy with the snow!

no samples to show!  But sure enjoying the sport of snow!  It has been awesome snow shoeing!  I even went skiing over the weekend!  Tonight we have a very tired bunch of dogs!  We made the loop to the lake and up around the back field!  Only bad  thing, is the brook is so much higher than last week so  crossing was a tab bit of a challenge!  We didn't get wet!  :)  we asked my husband for a bridge tonight!  :)

 It was nice to go this afternoon after working all day! Even working this morning was awesome to hear spring!  I could hear the birds chattering outside!  I was working in a house that had no water pump, no fans, computer, tv, radio, no noise, just the sounds of the house in the wind !   It is a great reminder to live in the moment!   Happy Day!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Raider's competition!

Happy Wednesday!

I'm so happy!
I'm so loving this snow!  Really!  :)
I got to the lake today,  and then back home and started pruning!

I'm so very grateful for everything!  Lucky...blessed!  What ever word that fits!
But the best thing is my puppies are happy!  They got their walk to their favorite place!  Well 2 of the 3 did!  The oldest stayed home for that hike but came out while I was pruning!

I filled a bag with corn but didn't take my hatchet!  I guess if I had of taken my hatchet I would still be at the lake trying to get control of the Alders!  So I wouldn't have gotten some of the pruning done around here!

  It is awesome!  All this snow and ice! It is great to be so tall!   (I'm so grateful my family gave me this present a couple of years ago!  I use to ski but since my leg injury I just don't have the confidence to go and don't enjoy the pain after!  so snow shoeing is great! )
 I got one apple tree pruned that I have not done for a couple of years!  (Bad I know!)  Still lots to do but it is a start and I'm feeling great!

At the lake!  Love it!

the " farm"!  

Be a little while before I can prune here!  The blueberry patch!
All this snow is awesome!  all that insulation;  none of that spring damage  we usually get!

Helpers!  As soon as I picked up the camera they dropped the apple branch!  and you would think I don't feed them!
Hope everyone is having a great day!  Thanks for stopping and enjoying my snow pics!  :)  Living in the moment!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Snowy Tuesday!

This was Nov 15, 2014
November 15.....our Winter started!  The pics from little different angle! That red dogwood in the left is those little sticks poking up in front of the pine on the below pic!
But the dogs are clean!  :)  And the woodpecker is at the feeder!

Holly Berry:  gift box

cheap water color paper with Nicholson's;  rose stamp: Kaiser craft ; die:  cherry Lynn sunflower , marian, sizzix and martha stewart leaf punch!

Holly Berry

Thanks for looking!  Have a great day!

check out Nika's sale:

We can only laugh! Snow , snow and more snow! I'm okay with this! It is so pretty but my dogs are wild and ready to be doing something! Their walks to the lake! Tried this morning!  really don't like sinking to my  hips!  (I know weight plays a part too!:))  

Yesterday I received a call from a neighbour to ask permission to walk down to the lake. Awesome! And Sure! That is total respect! When I was a kid, I always walked up to my neighbour's house and asked permission to go swimming on his dock and to use his row boats!

Here is my thing, love my dogs to bits, I want my dogs to be safe and free on our own land since it is so so hard to find places to walk our dogs and know that they will be safe! Everything has risk but I try to limit my risks! The place we walk in Windsor, is stressful with people walking their out of control “aggressive”giant dogs! Then we were going to a place in Falmouth and the dogs found a bag of cat food and other stuff and the first thing I think of is not good! So we don't go there any longer! So here at home it should be good!! fishing season ! Hunting season...... and a number of other seasons we won't mention!  Lets just say, I have found things that I should not have found and I'm so not impressed !  Things that may have been harmful to my dogs!  Respect!
We had a neighbour move in next door many years ago and thought it was his right to go hunting in our back yard! And to let his dog run at large and come visit our animals!  So I have trust issues!  I don't want to risk my dogs health; vet visits are too expensive!  My Tuesday rant! have a great day!:)

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Happy Easter Everyone!

I have been on the computer since my family left early this morning! computers eats up time very quickly!  But I love my computer!  Especially my operating system; linux!

 But need to get in gear and get on the road!  Off to Truro to visit!  The dogs will do a visit in the exercise rooms with a bunch of residence on my way to visit my Uncle! If I get on the road soon! So Happy this facility welcomes the dogs to visit everyone!

Anyway, just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter!  I have been working on Holly Berry Boxes and filling them with candy!  Made Easter Cards with a number of Seniors in Falmouth yesterday!  I think they enjoyed it!  I'm getting a bit better; I'm hoping!  Some people are gifted with the right words,  most of us it takes experience;  learn to do by doing!  :)  4-H!
PS.  I have a new distraction; Nicholson's!

Have a great weekend!  Happy Easter!