Thursday, March 26, 2015

Easter cards

(Me being bad photographer;  bad shadows! )   I really love how this turned out in real time!  pink and brown!  Love it!
Coloring:  spectrum noir and marvey
I still have lots more Easter cards to make!
These are with a serendipity stamp set!

  • stamping:  ranger black ink on water color paper
  • colored direct to paper with tom bow markers;  blending / shading with water brush
  • Happy easter:  tom bow direct to rubber;  mist with water, stamping onto water color paper.
I would like to enter into this challenge:

I opened an Easter card from our friend this morning!  (I should have taken a picture!)
Awesome!  But so much work!  She does stitching!  She even had  little pearls in the center of her flowers!
Thank you Marjorie!  She is such an awesome lady!

Thanks for stopping!  Have a great day!
Safe travels!

Wednesday Class

My friend and I took another awesome class on Wednesday at Nika's.  I'm not sure I am going to make a good water color person!  I struggled adding water to paper!  :)  BUT love using tom bows with a brush now!  Thank you Nicole!  Like I say;  learn lots!

I use to use a cd for mixing on....but really like her method!

Fun day!  Always awesome learning!  And being inspired to use what we already have!
I'm happy;  I have more tom bows now!  I didn't have any purple and only a couple of values of some color families!  I love coloring tools!

Ps....that rose on the left;  Nicole hand sketched!  She is pretty awesome!

So last night I got to play;  for a little bit! After we had to shovel the windows out on the garage!

I had a card to make for a 95 birthday tomorrow;  I made a quick stampscape!  Using watercolor paper and tom bow markers!

My horizon needs a little more depth;  looks like a hill back there!

But it was fun!

Finally used this stamp!  Had it for years!

 I was planning on going to Truro today to visit my uncle!  But talking myself out of it!  It is trying to snow here!  the driveway is like ice!
And worried about this rain on the way and water build up around our yard!
So on here typing/ posting quickly!!!...  :)
Hope you all are are doing great!  Many thanks for stopping bye!  Have a great day!

Making your own stamp!

I had a fabulous lesson on  Tuesday at the Art Store in Windsor;  Nika's!  I made my own stamp!
I stamped it with momento ink but I made the mistake of misting it with water after I inked up my image!  So I had to wait 'till it was fully dried to try it again!
Here is my little sample!  FUN!  :)

Nika's classes you learn so very much;  really good value of product with awesome creative experience!

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

No crafting today!

I was a bit slow getting started this morning!  sore from all the shovelling and walking yesterday!
So today, we went our the road to shovelled a path so our neighbour could have oil delivered.
Then came home and I started on one of the roofs of our house.  The snow was at least 5 feet deep!  I finally stopped at 4 o'clock!  My arms feel like jello!

These were my helpers!

I want to come up too!  He chases every pile of snow that comes his way!
 My special little boy is tired tonight!  He had a good work out!
My stress!  truck drove in the yard!  

As soon as T went down off the roof, Raider jumped up!  I made him sit and stay!  I called it done soon after this....but still had the snow to move that had fallen in the walk way.  
  Just no place to put all this white gold!  the banks so high!  A lady stopped yesterday while I was shovelling and said that she hasn't seen anything like this in 60 years!  We had a really bad system 11 years a go;  but it still doesn't compare!  we had nice weather after....we always get snow and then sun and or rain!  But this year,  double digit temps all the time!  snow storm after snow storm!   spring tomorrow!  Yeah!  :)   Happy spring!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Baby shower

Well this is a common posting!  It is snowing again here in Nova Scotia!

Anyway my boys went off to work as normal!  So I got a baby shower card made to put with my gift that I picked up yesterday!  I'm so liking what Nicole at Nika's and I came up with for our gift to my special cousin!  All about preserving memories!  Making a print of my child's hands and feet was always on my list of things I wanted to do.....but never got it done!  So these products that I have in her gift, I hope with inspire her and make it easy to record the memory!

So this is the card I came up to go with our gift;  the card blanks and matching envelopes(to the right in the pic) are from Nika's box of many pre printed!  

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great day!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Two more Scrap cards!

The box of scapes from my friend was awesome!  I finally made up these stamped images into cards!

 image was colored with alcohol markers.  Found the boots and "fishin' in a little bag of scraps that I have had for a very long time!
coloring/inking of this image;  don't remember!  maybe tom bow markers,  Maybe ink pads.....maybe lyras, maybe gelatos!  Not sure!

entering in this challenge:

Thanks for looking!  Have a great day!


I pulled out the Tom Bows markers!  Thank you Shirley
for inspiring!

Now, I need more colors of those markers!

I am not real happy with how I "put it together"!  But it was fun coloring!

Thanks for looking!  Have a great week!

Happy Easter

Thanks for looking!  Have a great day!

Scraps #2

I would like to enter into the challenge at:
These 2 papers were so awesome to find in the box of scraps!  The purple was that heavy card stock that shimmers!
I colored the roses a pink color at first;  didn't like them so changed them to purple!
I guess they are roses that have been filled with glycerin and dye!  :)

Thanks for looking!  Have a great day!


I came home with a box of scape paper on Saturday!  I found this challenge;

thanks to my friend's
awesome card inspiration!

So because of the snow day yesterday I got to "play"!

Here is my first card!

Thanks for stopping!  Happy Monday!  Snow recovery day!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Gelatos: embossing folder


Gone Fishin'

My husband bought me this stamp (Stamps Happen) many many years a go for Christmas from the lamp shade paper store on the Bedford Highway!  Another store that I miss!

A guys that works with my boys had a birthday yesterday so I sent it with them this morning!  They are off to the other end of the province again!

I made it up last night.  The image were already colored!  I actually stamped and colored 3 of them one night;  one alcohol markers, one gelatos and one Lyras!  This one is the Lyras!

Thanks for looking!  Have a great weekend!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Flowers: gelatos!

Note cards and box!  The image on the box might have been with ink not gelatos!  I even hand cut the scallop on the box!  The light green paper has a touch of sparkle!  Thank you Nika's!

Rubbed the gelato direct to the stamp;  yellow first then red/pink and green

Misted water in the air;  walked the stamp into the mist, a couple of times
Then stamped!

I like how they turned out!  I was going to add more stamping but tried to keep it simple!  :)

Thanks for looking!  Have a great week!


We needed a gift too so my Mom is making a baby quilt to go with this!  The quilt will be awesome!  Eeyore!  Love Eeyore!

IO: Farm

New Challenge... Think Spring!

This is the new challenge at Impression Obsession this month.  

When I think of spring,  I think of the "farm"!  
So .... so much to do!

It was colored with gelatos......It needs something else in the corner but I didn't have anything IO to inspire me!  The wheel barrel or something!  And my sediment dies are not IO so the result... "un-finished"  :( !  Thanks for looking!  Have a great day! (PS. It is snowing here again!)


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Holly Berry stamp and gelatos!

It is another snowy day here in NS!  Puts a damper in my plans for the rest of the week!  We were planning to go to the city today but instead are staying home!  Tomorrow, I was planning to go visit my Uncle that is now in a nursing home!  Friday I should go show my respects to another great lady who has passed on!  She was a great crafty person and taught me macrame!

So today I should not be making boxes or on the web typing! But, I had an idea to try!  So here I am posting!  Quickly!

 My quick adding color with the gelatos!  Move the color around with the foam wedge (thanks to Nika for that tool idea)!  you can take the time and paint them detailed if so desired;  add glitter or what ever;  they would be beautiful works of art!
This method works for me!  Fast!  Touch up a little with brush and water!  Done!  :)

These holly berry stamps can be found at Nika's in Windsor and she has a sale on!

 New Promo until the end of March:
40% reduction: find most floral stamps reduced.
(exclusion mini clears and Magenta.)
The Feminine Mystique sale continues 'till Saturday-
lots of gorgeous artful stamps on sale at 30 % reduction.
Here is a link to the holly berry blog where you can find all kinds of beautiful samples!

The first box I tried, was made with this card stock that I hate!  I didn't mask my top stamping great but I used two holly berry stamps to do it!  It isn't bad!  didn't color it before I put it together;  initially was going to use paints to color, so having it together wasn't an issue!

 Plan and sticking with it!
 I do start out with a sort of a plan but my plan usually changes as I go!  I get new ideas, inspired by something !  If I was to go back and do everything perfect or how I plan, I would likely never get anything made!
I always goof up something!  I guess that is why for hand crafts,  I loved to tatt!  Make a mistake,  just cut it off and start again!

And I think this is why in the "dog world"  I really never had much desire for "titles"  because the dog usually had it correct!  it was me that always messed up and wasting money on my mess ups!  However, "Titles" gives a sense of respect;  when you have a "title", people tend to give you more credibility with what you have to say or do!  But experience is often better than that piece of paper!

 Almost had a messy dog interaction yesterday!  People with big dogs that are not in control is not a good mix!  Glad my friend is so cool and calm!   I'm a over reactive, protective, worrier! The good news, no altercation happened this time!

Anyway, thanks for looking!  Have a great day!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Tree Die

Last week, I came home with another new die from Nika's in Windsor!  :)

Paper Artist 4 season tree;  LOVE it!
It comes with the tree, leaf, snowflake, heart and a flower!  5 dies in the set
Isn't the flower just so cute?
So many ideas with it's use! I want to try flower soft for the flower centres,  make a family tree idea! Lots of plans!

I now have 2 die set from this company and the both cut awesome in my cuttlebug!

The butterfly is from memory box!

Thanks for looking!

Dog cards!

Winter!  We'll soon be complaining of all the muck!

Thanks for looking and have a great day!  (Another snowy day here in NS)!

March already! Gelatos Backgrounds cards

I have a timer set this morning so I will stay on track!
 Lots to do with all this snow!  I just got off the phone with my Uncle to tell him that I wouldn't be up to see him again today because of the snow!  But with snow I do get to "play"!
I had the pleasure to have a couple of my friends over Friday.  It was a great day!  And it was great to see my dogs tired out!

So I have been playing a lot with my gelatos!  I'm really liking making the backgrounds now!  I usually apply the light yellow first  along the edge of the paper , continue applying darker colors in the same group of colors; blending between each application;  I use a piece of foam or sometimes just a pomp pomp to blend;  circular motion on and off my craft sheet just like when we use inks.  Gelatos are fast not as messy and a little more forgiving to me!  I'm really bad for not testing things before I put it to the paper!  Very bad!  So for me, gelatos work!  We (my friend and I) coloring with gelatos, She using her blender marker and a little reinker spray!  She achieves that soft shading effect and we are in total control of the out come.   Quicker than colored pencils;  softer than markers;  no paper piling!

 this was an example of this method using the gelatos.  The water color crayons work great doing them this way too!  They are an awesome product too!
But I couldn't make them do a background like the gelatos.

I have lots of different products and inks;  I like them all! They all have a purpose and some might work better with a different product or application than others.  All are tools to inspire!   As with training our canine friends;  all the experiences and devises give us a tool in our "bag".  The out come may work or may not!  But as long as I'm having fun trying!  :)

 My Mom suggested a bow or a large Easter egg to the left of the tree!    Might add it! Nika (Paper art store)inspired me the other day with her composition stamping! (She has lots of ideas! :) ) So I dug out a set of clear stamps that I have had for years; never used!  Not quite a finished product; not perfect but I was inspired!
 thought I would post anyway!  :)  the flowers need yellow centres!

 This was really quick to make! stamping was with memento ,brilliance, archival and versa Magic.  Color edging was gelatos!  :)  Quick !  Now if I only could get the layers on straight!
 This might be too messy for some!  This was gelatos to the left and Lyra water crayolas to the right.
The left ones I like the shadows!  The right one not happy with at all!

Now I need a lesson on making things straight!  I need another gadget!  :)

thanks for looking  have a great day!