Monday, November 30, 2015

Impression Obsession November Challenge

impression-obsession-challenge-seasons-greetings link

sorry the picture isn't the best!  In a rush again! :(

I wanted a little red bow on it too!  But didn't have or can't find any little red ribbon!

Colored with color bursts and nuance.  I tried to do the one color at a time and let dry before doing the next color......but like right now in time, I don't have a lot of patience to wait!  but getting better!  :)

I goofed on the embossing too!  Can"t bring myself to waste water color paper!  it was a cool resist anyway!

 I do like it!   And it was fun making! :)

Merry Christmas was peel off stickers! and of course....stickles!  :)

Thanks for looking and for IO for having these challenges to inspire!
Have a great week!  Happy Monday!  :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

For a Friend!

Very Rushed  with lots of mistakes! :(The sun is shinning and it is a beautiful day and I have way too many things to get done!  But most of all the dogs need their walk! 

So would like to enter in the 

JustRite Friday Challenge #129 - Say Something Nice


Just Rite stamps
pan pastels
water base markers
versamark ink
amplify pen

Thanks to Just Rite for inspiring and having these challenges.

Also Thanks to my friends for the motivational push to enter!    Sorry I didn't do the greatest stamping job!

Thanks for stopping bye!  Hope everyone has a great day! 


Ryn Designs

stamped with black ink /colored with pencils/ cut out
mounted on

 geli printing background paper
  ( with versatex inks and a little bit of stamping with other stamps and dye base inks)

card size is 4 1/2 by 6 1/4

I purchased my Ryn Stamps at our local store;  Nika's ( link )
In Windsor, NS
thanks for stopping bye!  Hope everyone is having a great week!

Designs by Ryn challenge Link

Many Thanks to Shirley for always inspiring and showing me the link to the challenge!  :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Birthday Box

Tall Box;  (bag of candy inside!)
Not quite finished; ( the long piece of paper I will made into a tag! )
versatex ink with stampscape tree inked on large white paper; dried; scored ; cut

short box: hollyberry box stamp "end part" and Magenta holly stamp;
     ink:  olive
     coloring:  pan pastels (quick!)

Card: background was jelli printing;
      memory box;   versatex ink

stamped magenta holly with silver versatex ink!  

stamped "Ryn" stamp fairies with black ink on white paper; cut out
colored with pan pastels and a little of the silver versatex ink using a brush!

stamped "believe" ; wasn't big enough.......added the snowflake; missed the alignment!
still wasn't happy so added the "Tis the Season"
Like it better but think it needs 2 more smaller snowflakes!   Might help?

As always, in a rush!  Off to the city today!  "I think!"
My "kid" said that we would "do the wharf"( meaning we will bring it home before it freezes in the lake!) this AM but instead he is off to work!  :)
Plans change, life changes!  Blink of an eye!

  I wish everyone Health and Happiness!
Hope everyone has a great day today!  Thanks so much for stopping bye! Best Wishes to everyone!  :)

Monday, November 16, 2015


My stand of oats!   Remembering my Dad!

I made the other bundle (leaf roses) heather and hydrangea back in August;   had it on a stand of oats too!  But the chipmunk ate off the oats!  I used pine and holly instead to finish it off this time!  Put the bows on and took them to the grave right away! :)

I have been making the oat bundles for a very long time; but now every year I always make one;   in remembrance of my Dad!

This Saturday marks the Anniversary of saying good bye!  But everyday I remember him and miss him!  Hunting season it is both happy and annoying!  Hate that the dogs and I have to  wear orange but happy I get to wear my dad's coat!  He loved going hunting; not really for the game;  but for the adventure in the woods!  He always hiked!  Loved being in the woods!  

Hope everyone has a great day!   Health and happiness!
Best Wishes to everyone and thanks for stopping bye!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Happy Friday!

 It has been been a long week with extra early morning starts since my DH has been traveling down to the south shore all week!

 Had plans to go make "oat" bunches on top of the hill this AM but the rain put a damper on my plans! 

So I was using my jelli plate!!!!.....  Have I said how great they are!  I'm into using my "cheap" white paper!  So if I can die cut and easily change the color with the awesome versatex inks or the other inks too; they hold all the little parts in place! But most of all; Make awesome background paper!  It is all just fun!

So a bunch of pics....hoping to inspire to use your gelli plates! :)
Nika's link
 One is in her give away this month!  :)

The card isn't finished.......die cut a sentiment!  or black peel off stickers!  it might be a birthday card!  Happy Holidays;  wasn't sure what that part of the plan is yet!  :)
Likely add some white "snow" on top of the branch and presents with the "  Amplify "  pen.
Did I say how much I like it too!  Amplify pen!

I made the background;  LOVED it had a tiny bit of shimmer to it!  Added gold after I brayer mixed the yellow and blue!  But then added another layer to make it better!  Yeah not so happy!  ......snowflakes that were purple!
So I made myself use it today!...  I think it works!
But the photo taker person;  hummmmm....the card base looks Blue?
it isn' is a nice shimmering purple too!

Nicole at Nika's in windsor brings in so so many awesome products!
I have had a Liquid Applique' pen for likely over a decade;  my husband bought it for me one Christmas while shopping at the Lamp shade store on the Bedford Highway!
I used Amplify pen the other day on my stampscapes.....I usually use white liquid ink and make a mess!  well this new pen was prefect....So it is nice dots of white shiny,; let dry.....or make it puff!  with the heat too!  I like both on the stamp scape!  and then go in after the puff snow and add stickles!

I'm getting a little better with planning......thanks to Nicole's classes!
 But I get inspired as I go!  Today it was a wow day!  The background paper; ( I didn't take a pic of them once finished)  was so cool to make!  Love mixing the colors! I have way too many toys!  :)  But I like them all!

Hope you all are having a great day!  Happy Friday!  My crafty time has expired a long while ago so I best get to work!  :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Waiting for the glue!

early I made the post because I was waiting for the glue to dry on this!
I really like what I came up with!  Love that die!

Not sure I should say where the other "parts" came from!  :)
 need to go shopping!  Just sent my boy to buy me more!  :)

Thanks for looking!  Have a great evening!

Happy November

I hope everyone is doing great!  Beautiful day out there this morning!

First I thought I would share my stampscape church!  I can have it stamps; colored in less than 10 minutes!  Pan pastels are awesome!  the color is right there!  Easy to blend out;  no paper "pilling"!  They were a Major "treat"! A gift from my husband!  :)

So sometime later you will see them finished!  :)  I had 5 made in one evening!


I used gesso, Aleene's 3D Accents Design paste; embossed white cardstock; then gesso again;  for the base!


This card was months pulling together!  Just couldn't make it work!  My friend helped me one day!  Friends are awesome!  :)

water color paper;  color burst and nuance

My "cheap paper"; color burst and nuance

gelli plate; versatex ink red /purple mixed with brayer on geli plate

dollar store paint gelli plate
color burst; color box stencil

white and ?red versatex ink and perfect pearls background/ ryn stencil


I hate this card!  Would have used it  to start a fire!  I don't have the "after" effect!  But I took it into Nicole at Nika's,  she added some color to the green;  fixed!  She is so smart!

Well, I likely used my quota in data now!  Yup! I'm not happy with my internet provider!  But only other opt is satelite and it is a lot more $$!    Our speed is less than one;  1/10th of the speed of regular cable internet (I don't have the right terminology!)  But it isn't fast by no means.  Yes it was cheap!  But they put a cap on it  and we have been going over!  Last month I got charger an extra $20.00!  I use the computer less now than I ever did!  I use to be on it all the time when I was in the dog world!  We don't down load don't watch videos or movies.  No netflixs!  So I'm really annoyed because they put the cap on to weed out those heavy users on this rural wireless broadband connect system!  They suggested that someone is using it!  We live in the middle of no where and it is pass word protected! We have a  graph and that we can view to see our usage but it is 24 hours later!  I un plugged my modem for the whole day a number of times;  the graph didn't show zeros!  One of the tecs said that the graph wasn't accurate!

I can't have everything!  I have an awesome place to live so I can't have all the perks!  :)

Thanks for stopping!  Have a great day!

Take a moment to remember those that gave us our freedom!  So Thankful to all those men, women and children  that have given their lives for us!  We are very lucky!
Canada is Awesome!  :)  Thank you!  :)