Saturday, October 4, 2014

Thank you card

This is for a man in the big green tractor!  :)  He stopped and waited for me to come get my dog! 
It was a day that started okay but went down hill as the day went on! 
I'm still counting my lucky stars.... I was very lucky! 
We were doing our afternoon walk with the dogs in town, meet a number of "bunches" of kids running.  The dogs prey drive kicked in; I grabbed my largest dog; watched the little one and didn't realize my youngest was gone until he was too far away!  He really does have an awesome recall!  The first group of boys kept running;  soon as they got out to the main road,  my guy lost his mind and ran off!  We looked and yelled for an hour looking for him! Finally I went out on the road and saw the tractor stopped in the distance and this movement going around and around the tractor!    I'm very badly out of shape!  But I knew it was him!  :)  I always call him "special".....but I think my son's name for him is beginning to stick!  Really not appropriate to say in public but it is something**head!

It is nice to visit town but I so appreciate home where I don't have to share my dog's space except with the local wild life!

stamp was North wood.
die cut was provo craft.
 colored with alcohol markers

thanks for looking.......Happy October!

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