Saturday, November 29, 2014

IO Santa

I even went outside to take the picture!  :)

Happy Saturday and Best wishes to all!  Thanks for looking!

 Hoping to entering in the IO -  Christmas Greetings challenge.
IO challenge Link

stamp:  Santa 4 and Merry Christmas Tree die
           IO store link

       Io store link

My stamp and die are from Nika's in Windsor Nova Scotia!


  1. This made me smile! That's so cute, I love the Santa Suit background for that happy Santa. (And, yes I'm happy that you took the photo outside in the natural light. Now I'll have to teach you about links )
    Thanks for letting me use your IO die

    1. Thanks! This little santa has grown on me! This blog thing is very time consuming....I'm always in a hurry and never have the "right" words! PS. Thanks for letting me use your dies! :) You have way too many! :) You can always come use mine!

  2. Beautiful design and great tip to take photos outside. But it's duller outside here than it is inside. Thanks for your visit to my blog :) Shirleyx

    1. Thanks! You are awesome! The photo credit is Shona! She is always after me to take a better pictures! :) Happy December! Thanks again for your kind words!