Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wednesday break

Good day everyone!  Trying to get a hundred and one things done!  And want it all done yesterday!  I easily lose focus and get over whelmed!  I have to remember to take one day at a time and make lists!  Anyway been staying very busy,  taking down old fences for the safety of my dogs and the "bush hog" !  Planting, weeding,  filling in ditches and chopping down trees!  I planted a hedge many decades ago when the kind of tree didn't matter;  just wanted something to grow!  They were fir trees and now have that blight in them!  so down they came!  This morning I walked to the lake and stuck willow cuttings in the soil!  I have been "fighting" with the Alders for at least 8 years down there!  I opened up a good sized section ;  clearing the alders off hoping the Sugar Maples will have a chance to take root!   As my son said I just opened it up and invited the fisherman in!  So it goes!  I'm really really grateful!  I love where I live!  It is so beautiful!
So crafting is minimum!  I have lots of ideas and hopes,  just not the time!
here is one that was on my camera from a while back!  Thanks for "stopping"
Hope you all are having a great Spring Mid week!  :)

Happy May!  Oh, and the ticks are here!


  1. I love how you did this! It looks like a painting rather than a stamp, which is my favourite technique ever!

  2. love that image and how you colored it, very nice