Thursday, October 8, 2015

More Boxes

So the holly berry house stamp inspired me to make another box but wanted to use the Magenta holly stamp that I have from Nika's store! 
So this is what I came up with!  Used the Kaleidacolo "Fennel" ink pad!
I added the messy line work.......didn't like that after I started but had to go with it!  So imagine with out the black lines!

I used my "corner" scissors and score board!  VERY simple and quick!  :)

The box size would be awesome for cookies (If I baked!  NOT!), K-cups, a ornament......just lots of things!  Possibilities........endless!  :)

Ribbon, piping, glitter, peel offs, jewels.................... watercolor....color bursts!  paper........too many ideas, not enough time! 

Still a tab chilly/ wet yet to go outside to work, so hoping to have a time to play with the gelli printing plates and my white box paper! 

Thanks for stopping by!  Fall is here!  The colors are amazing outside!  But not liking the short days!  Miss going for our walks to the lake after supper!  Can't have everything!  :)  Want my cake and eat it too! :) Feel pretty lucky!  Many Thanks!  Have a great day everyone!  Fall Best Wishes!  :)


  1. Beautiful Christmas gift box, I love that holly stamp. Great lines as well. Cheers xx

  2. I like the lines too!
    Haven't really seen the fall colours yet. Our trees are still green, guess I need to go for a drive but I'm way too busy.
    Check out the IO blog, they are showcasing the new dies!

  3. I like your cute gift box! Beautiful stamping and colours! I think the lines are a nice touch!