Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Geli print -"With Sympathy"


  1. Hello, Shellie! You've made a beautiful sympathy card! I love the flower and the bird! Gorgeous background as well! I am making sympathy cards for my Mom's stash. She requested they be cheerful and of course flat for mailing. I am back online after my computer crash! They replaced the hard drive and it's been a royal pain to get everything reloaded. I had back-ups of all my documents and photos so at least I didn't lose any of those. The power-supply fan is dying too but the technician blew out the dust and said I should be able to get another year out of it. It's really loud when I start up! Have a good day, my friend. One of these days I will email you. I know I keep saying that but I will eventually! I'm actually trying to spend less time on the computer - the crash was a bit of a blessing I think!

  2. Gorgeous texture and colours on your beautiful card. Perfect card for the sentiment x