Wednesday, March 16, 2016

" Sip the Sweet Moments"

Author unknown!

Help needed!

NOT finished .....almost ready to give up and go back to stampscape ideas!

It is about 3 feet high;  I will likely make a hanger with silver wire.

Lots more elements to add .......
I've asked one person so far and she wasn't crazy over it!
maybe the bottom flowers and top flowers need to be the same?
Or more variety.......

Any advice is appreciated!  Thank you in advance!

 Updated new pics; April 1, 2016
 (at the bottom of the post)  (using the phone app.)
at least you see the progression either good or bad!  :)

Many Thanks for all those that helped pull it together for me!  :)  The little bottle can hold reeds for essential oils, a little place to start a ivy cutting or other plant propagation or what ever; dust collection!  :) 
Still needs a little fine tuning with the paint and then to seal!  I think I like it!  My Mom said don't make her one!  :)

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