Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Stampscape "with sympathy"

Still lots of flaws but I will never get it perfect! Sad attempt at the picture quality too, dark outside at this hour!  And using the "phone" app for easy of posting!  But you get the jest of it!   The previous image was really good but there were 2 little indents in the paper after I got it finished! 
Was considering adding color, but decided I spent way too much time on this card! I would likely mess it up even more!

 I had a perfect idea originally!  The man that died was a sheep farmer!  He always supported our community auctions and sales with farm products!  So I wanted a sheep in my card!  But of course I don't have a sheep stamp!  So that is why I went in search of an image to print, found one that need me to remove the dog and the man smoking a pipe; it was perfect! add some stamped images to it!   Done!  I could see the idea right away!  But that idea went out the window when the printer was dry of ink!  And I quickly tried to draw it myself;  I get so mad at myself!  I always could draw what ever I wanted but now;  it is all miss combobulated!  (That's a word isn't it!) !  Wished we lived closer to a store when you get inspired and don't have the things you need!  So out came the "slice"!  
  • Slice:  farm
  • Art-Kure: Ploughman
  • IndigoBlu: Clumber Park
  • Clearly wordsworth:  Comfort collection
  • Stampscape: tree, grass, fence

Thanks for stopping!  Hope everyone is enjoying our fall staying safe with hunting season in full swing!  Have a great day!


  1. It's lovely, but I hate to tell you that you need to make another sympathy card. There's been a terrible loss in our dog community. :(

  2. Your card is fantastic, and you put so much work into it to make it special for the person who passed. Take good care, Shirleyxx

  3. This is beautiful, such a gorgeous stamped scene, and so sorry you have another sad occasion for cardmaking. From what I read here, you had some troubles with this card but it all came together in the end and it turned out beautifully - I love the die-cut sheep - it's perfect!