Monday, December 31, 2018

East coast birthday wishes!

Very "busy" card!  Likely should have die cut the square boarder die from the green! 
I can always find fault!  It's hard changing how you were brought up, always striving to do your best but knowing their is always room for improvement and this thing called time management!  All a balancing act! 
I  tried.  I tried with kindness and I invested my time to think of someone to wish for them....the same,  with health and happiness wishes.

I hope to be mail this card today ....hoping .....calling her Home to the east coast ! 

Wishing everyone a happy New Year!  Wishing everyone health and happiness!

Hoping for compassion and kindness to one another and respect to our environment ( especially the protection of our water).  For government to understand freedoms and mental health and the impacts on our ecosystems with the lack of information people have!  I hope people are not so closed minded as I heard and seen with our animal right's movement this year!  I can only hope that government will educate themselves listen to their peers, the everyday people before they cast those votes that affect the mental health that have to live with their laws and we can all live together!  I believe in using wind as power but I fail to trust our government with the continue failure to see the correlation in bats, ecosystem and health;  insects and disease! 

I can only hope! 

I am very mindful and thankful everyday! 

Thank you for taking the time! 
Best wishes to everyone! 

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