Thursday, April 16, 2015

Still Happy with the snow!

no samples to show!  But sure enjoying the sport of snow!  It has been awesome snow shoeing!  I even went skiing over the weekend!  Tonight we have a very tired bunch of dogs!  We made the loop to the lake and up around the back field!  Only bad  thing, is the brook is so much higher than last week so  crossing was a tab bit of a challenge!  We didn't get wet!  :)  we asked my husband for a bridge tonight!  :)

 It was nice to go this afternoon after working all day! Even working this morning was awesome to hear spring!  I could hear the birds chattering outside!  I was working in a house that had no water pump, no fans, computer, tv, radio, no noise, just the sounds of the house in the wind !   It is a great reminder to live in the moment!   Happy Day!

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  1. Our snow is finally going! It looks like you enjoy the snow but I'm so tired of winter. Love the temps we've been having lately! Thanks for visiting my blog!