Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Happy Wednesday!

I'm so happy!
I'm so loving this snow!  Really!  :)
I got to the lake today,  and then back home and started pruning!

I'm so very grateful for everything!  Lucky...blessed!  What ever word that fits!
But the best thing is my puppies are happy!  They got their walk to their favorite place!  Well 2 of the 3 did!  The oldest stayed home for that hike but came out while I was pruning!

I filled a bag with corn but didn't take my hatchet!  I guess if I had of taken my hatchet I would still be at the lake trying to get control of the Alders!  So I wouldn't have gotten some of the pruning done around here!

  It is awesome!  All this snow and ice! It is great to be so tall!   (I'm so grateful my family gave me this present a couple of years ago!  I use to ski but since my leg injury I just don't have the confidence to go and don't enjoy the pain after!  so snow shoeing is great! )
 I got one apple tree pruned that I have not done for a couple of years!  (Bad I know!)  Still lots to do but it is a start and I'm feeling great!

At the lake!  Love it!

the " farm"!  

Be a little while before I can prune here!  The blueberry patch!
All this snow is awesome!  all that insulation;  none of that spring damage  we usually get!

Helpers!  As soon as I picked up the camera they dropped the apple branch!  and you would think I don't feed them!
Hope everyone is having a great day!  Thanks for stopping and enjoying my snow pics!  :)  Living in the moment!

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