Thursday, July 2, 2015

Happy Canada Day!

Hope everyone had a great holiday!   It was great!  :) It is the very first July first that we spent home as a family! I actually can't remember the last time that I spent this holiday at home!

 So we got a lot accomplished!

flowers make everything feel accomplished!  :)  Love seeing the lady slipper!  They are such a beautiful flower!
I'm pretty lucky to see so many on my walk!
 The regular lilac are finished;  can't remember what kind this one is..... but I normally don't see much of it or smell it!  But this year the wood crates are not blocking my view!  :)  I really need to move it!  It has had a hard go of it where it is at!  Snow always gets pushed in it's space!  The generator "box" always shared it's space too!  And weeds!
 Love to see the poppies come!   One of the many plants that I had to have for my "dried flower" clutter/craft; many many years ago!
The bridal wreath spirea and the deutzia are doing well;  poor peony is fighting for it's life!  
 The other day, I spent the morning cutting down posts and putting up "Christmas decorations" !  That is what my boys call them!  It is the bird deterrent tape and my tin pan!  The birds were not very happy that I was up in the field!  So may be we'll finally be able to taste them!  I love the birds but not wanting to share my many hours of labour with them!

 I guess Raider didn't get all of the potatoes!  He was up in the field a good many times helping himself to what ever he could find!  Too bad he wasn't a weeder!

 Weeds weeds weeds! 
 Snow mound spirea is looking good!  It is pretty awesome what cutting can do! 
I'm a bit disappointed .....all my fox gloves are gone!  It use to be so beautiful!  Full of color! I'm hoping next year they will be back!

Poor geranium that I over wintered!  it bloomed all winter!  Trying to see the light through the snow!  I am known to kill the plants in the house; lack of water!  Pretty bad when that is what I use to do for my living many many years ago !

I was reminded of my favorite paper craft stores being closed.  The rubber carousel 2 years ago and  Tia's Creative memories in so miss them all! 

I also set up 4 agility jumps for the very first time in almost 2 years!  So I get the dogs to do a little jumping when we pass by our agility yard during our walk!  My dogs are in good physical form, not doing agility hasn't changed that!  But I do miss practice time; the social time; helping the new members learn the equipment!  But now life is different and a different busy! I was always on the computer, organizing people, events, shows.  Always thinking of ways to fix, improve our game!  But like everything, life happens!  :)  health and happiness is the most important thing!  The dogs and the group were my passion! I invested so much into those many many years; my own fault or gain! When we are passionate about something; we see things different than others view the same!  Learned lots of life lessons, met lots of great people but now a new chapter has started!  Living in the moment!

Thanks for stopping and have a great day!

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