Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Paper Tole

Yesterday, I had company after I got home from my afternoon of card making with the residences!  ( It was a great day!  We were an hour and half making the card!  :)  I know the gentleman really enjoyed using the gelatos and was impressed with the envelope maker!  So it was a great day! )

So my guest asked about one of my pictures hanging on the wall; A pair of blue Jays!

It is a craft that I use to love to do!  And yes I have a stock pile of it too!
I started a set of foxes a number of years ago to make for a relative for Christmas but never got it finished! Life happened!  :(  Life can change with the blink of the eye!     So I lost my motivation!

Now few years later, lack of time and space issues, numbness and tingling don't help with the motivation!

This craft did give me a huge Honor !  I was chosen to present Prince Edward with one of my pictures on behalf of Nova Scotia 4-H.  So this wasn't yesterday!  :)
I have been very lucky!  I am very grateful for everything!

This morning I was painting my new stamp of poppies by penny black;  it brings back memories of working number of jobs that summer!  I worked in a greenhouse a tiny bit and got a flat of poppies to plant in the garden!  Huge Thank you to Ms H.!  She is an awesome person!  Her whole family I owe a huge Thanks too!  Her sister taught me Ukrainian Easter eggs!  She is brilliant!  The whole family are just great people!

This is the product of my last  class with Eddie and Barb; my instructors for paper tole!  They were great ladies too!  Miss them!

Maybe when I get this new craft area cleaned/made and having more space for my clutter,  I might get back in the groove! :)  I'm hoping to move my stain glass clutter there too!  I have lots of ideas!  But,  Not a risk taker! I get very stressed when more goes out than comes in!  I'm hoping I can combine gardening, crafts and the dogs in having' my cake and eat it too plan!  Thanks for stopping bye!  Have a great day!  Going to be wettin' here soon!  :)  We need the rain!


  1. Thank you for stopping at my blog for a visit! I am enjoying my blog break but wanted to pop in to say hello! I hope you are having a great summer! The class with the residents sounds very rewarding - I bet you had as much fun as they did!

    My goodness, your framed artwork is beautiful! I have never seen this type of craft before - they are stunning! And what an honour to present one to Prince Edward! Thank you so much for sharing this - very impressive!

    Enjoy your summer, my friend. Hope to be back to blogging/commenting next month, but we'll see how it goes.

  2. That is so cool about your honor a few years ago! My goodness, you do all sorts of are the Renaissance Woman! :)

    Looking forward to seeing your poppy projects. It was really good to see you again last weekend!
    Big hugs, Kathy Jo