Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas cards

Been trying to play catch up with card making!  My mom makes the same lay out and design idea each year!  (She does an amazing well mastered plan!  Her cards are always so beautiful!  ) 
Sometimes I think that is what I should do too!  I hate making choices!  And some you can really tell I'm in a rush ! 

Some I like, some I don't!
 Yup!  Life is only as busy as you make it! :) 
Right now I can always find lots to do!  Someday I won't be able, so I'm going.... going while I can! :)

Likely won't get "on here" again before Christmas!  So I Hope everyone has a VERY Merry Christmas!  Wishing everyone Health and Happiness! 

Many Thanks to everyone for stopping by this year, Huge thanks to those that stopped to leave comments and all those that have been inspiring me!  Thanks for giving me a "up lift" sometimes!

To me, Christmas is not only about the" reason for the season";  but also for thanking all the "Good" thru out the year!   Take nothing' for a blink it can be gone! 

The comments are very much appreciated!  Sorry I don't get on here often and come visit!    

PS.  We have post card perfect outside right now!  It is so very pretty!  Trees are laying with snow this morning! Everything has a nice white blanket of white!   The roads were a tad slippery driving home last night from dog obedience class!  But as always,  I'm so very very lucky because I have an awesome vehicle!  :)  I do love the snow!  :) I bought a new "scoop" I'm ready!  :)

Merry Christmas!  Happy Holidays and Be Happy!  :)  But most of all.......Thanks!  :)


  1. Beautiful collection of cards love the poinsettia ones and how you have made each one a little different . I'm finally giving my cards in the mail (slow this year ) I think you Mom has the best idea of doing the same layout and design we always put too much stress on ourselves trying different designs and techniques . Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and good health and happiness in 2016

  2. Hello there! So nice to look at all of your beautiful cards! Wow, you have been super busy! When I first started stamping, I would do like your Mom and design one card and do an assembly line. Yes, it was a lot simpler indeed. And I didn't have the dreaded decision of which person gets which card - this takes me ages to decide. Your poinsettias are so beautiful and you have some very elegant ribbon on some of these cards - gorgeous! I also like the scenic cards and especially the cute cards (cute is my style hehe) with the critters! I enjoyed your blog post and thank you for the well wishes. I really am going to email you one of these days but I like to wait until I actually have something to write about haha, not much going on here at all. We did not have the snow you had but I saw the photos Nika shared on fb and it looked so pretty! Enjoy! Happy Holidays to you too!

  3. Hi there, beautiful cards, looks like you were busy. I really like the poinsettias. It's great to hear someone saying they like snow. So do I. I like winter, but sometimes it's too long. But not this year, it's just getting cold now. Take good care, Shirleyx ps. I hope you had a nice Christmas.