Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Ball point paint tube

This "blog app" is cool, however it does not like it when I go looking for the stored pictures! So, It works for me! Instant gratification! :). Play, type,take a pic, play!  

Hope everyone is doing awesome!  My morning walk is in less than 3/4 of an hour!  Always on a time schedule! :) 

I picked up a new stamp yesterday at Nika's;  by io.

 Stamped archival black.
Coloring with aunt Martha's ball point paint tube.  Little dot of color applied in the darkest area, used paint brush with a little solvent, pull out the color!
How awesome is that?
Lots of "open" time to blend!
This was just a quick try using this product for the first time.

My "cheap" paper really doesn't like water! And I do not like paper pilling!  So this worked wonderfully!

So got back from our walk, then shoveled.....3hours later, sitting back down to "play"!

thanks for looking! 
 Have a great holiday


  1. Hi! LOVE your card Shellie,it's so different than the one I did with the same stamp. Such a lovely stamp, and your card has inspired me to try it like you did yours!

  2. Wow, so pretty! You are very talented! You seem to be able to pick up any type of painting and it looks amazing! Sounds like you got a lot of snow too! I don't like winter but we might as well embrace it - we can't change it hehe! Have a great evening!