Wednesday, February 4, 2015

-20 outside!

So thought I would post some pics of some other cards!  Quickly!  :)  So sorry for the lack of effort and poor presentation of my postings!  It just takes too long especially when "one" isn't gifted with this ability  for posting!  English and grammar wasn't my strong point!  As I'm sure you can tell!
So my apologizes!

I'm hoping to have time to get a happy birthday card made before I run the roads again today!  I guess a 5 a clock start still doesn't give me enough time in the day for everything!  Hope everyone has a great day and thanks for stopping bye!  :)

 The cheery Lynn doily die is from Nika's in Windsor.
My friend helped me with the design of this one!  I was struggling!  She has awesome color combinations and lay out ideas!  So I have her to thank for it!
 I like how it turned out!

 This card  is all from Nika's :  the flowers are her design that everyone can print out and color from pinterest

Butterfly is Kaiser craft from Nika's;  die is Die-namites"Bird song" (cut 3 times; birds removed)

 This rose is from Nika Art Store in Windsor.  It is a clear stamp;  I'm really starting to like the clear stamps! (I'm have always been into instant gratification with rubber and wood mounted!)
colored with Bruynzeel pencils! I got them for Christmas (found at Nika)!  They are awesome!  All blending was just with the pencils!

Nicole (Nika) just got some new pencil sets in; I don't remember the name of them....they look awesome!

She is all about value and quality!  

I'm thinking I might just have to get myself a good set of watercolor pencils!  And some paper!  She has this amazing water color paper in stock!  huge sheets;  I forget the pound; so don't quote me;  300?
 Nicole has so much information and a wealth of knowledge!
She is pretty amazing!

 Both of these dies can be found at Nika's!    Cheery Lynn and memory box!

 This flora stamp (clear) can be found at Nika Art Store in Windsor! Colored with the Bruynzeel coloured pencils!  The below car; blue card stock was a little bright for me!  I guess I should have toned it down a little bit!

  I was just too tired to get a Birthday card made last night for my special guy; I don't think any of these would do!
I went out yesterday morning at 8 and started shovelling!  I opened up both driveways and mail box and did a path from the back door to the road!  Still lots to shovel!  Came in at 10 changed and had a coffee and my lunch.  I got everything ready to head into Windsor for an appointment!  Put everything in my vehicle and tried starting!  Click click!  When you don't use it you lose it!  So me and jump starting, I need step by step instructions!  Where do I find it......etc.....So on the phone many times with my boys!  They were at the other end of the province!  Our battery charger isn't one of those little things, easy and light to pick up and run up thru the mountain of snow and stairs!  But good that it has wheels and made for a good drag up!  It has more switches and buttons than the normal one too but it really old!  So I finally got it on....I waited for a 1/2 hour still click click!  It's really discouraging when you don't have the strength in your hands like you use to!  This getting old "thing" really "bites"!  So not sure if it was because it was a bad connection or the switch from slow charge to fast made the difference!  It started!  I made it in on time to my appointment at 1:30!    Did my appointment and picked up a few things and headed home!  Didn't even take the dogs for a walk!

tomorrow maybe rain?  we'll see!  Nova Scotia weather!  Got to love it!

Thanks again for looking!


  1. A wonderful collection of beautiful cards ! It's very cold here too. Take care, Shirleyxx

  2. Wow what a beautiful selection of cards you must have been busy . Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment.

  3. wow that is a lot of cards great job!!!

  4. WOWZERS !! You really have been busy! Now for sure i need to visit, I want to see your new pencils. Those roses you coloured are beyond beautiful!