Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Happy November

I hope everyone is doing great!  Beautiful day out there this morning!

First I thought I would share my stampscape church!  I can have it stamps; colored in less than 10 minutes!  Pan pastels are awesome!  the color is right there!  Easy to blend out;  no paper "pilling"!  They were a Major "treat"! A gift from my husband!  :)

So sometime later you will see them finished!  :)  I had 5 made in one evening!


I used gesso, Aleene's 3D Accents Design paste; embossed white cardstock; then gesso again;  for the base!


This card was months pulling together!  Just couldn't make it work!  My friend helped me one day!  Friends are awesome!  :)

water color paper;  color burst and nuance

My "cheap paper"; color burst and nuance

gelli plate; versatex ink red /purple mixed with brayer on geli plate

dollar store paint gelli plate
color burst; color box stencil

white and ?red versatex ink and perfect pearls background/ ryn stencil


I hate this card!  Would have used it  to start a fire!  I don't have the "after" effect!  But I took it into Nicole at Nika's,  she added some color to the green;  fixed!  She is so smart!

Well, I likely used my quota in data now!  Yup! I'm not happy with my internet provider!  But only other opt is satelite and it is a lot more $$!    Our speed is less than one;  1/10th of the speed of regular cable internet (I don't have the right terminology!)  But it isn't fast by no means.  Yes it was cheap!  But they put a cap on it  and we have been going over!  Last month I got charger an extra $20.00!  I use the computer less now than I ever did!  I use to be on it all the time when I was in the dog world!  We don't down load don't watch videos or movies.  No netflixs!  So I'm really annoyed because they put the cap on to weed out those heavy users on this rural wireless broadband connect system!  They suggested that someone is using it!  We live in the middle of no where and it is pass word protected! We have a  graph and that we can view to see our usage but it is 24 hours later!  I un plugged my modem for the whole day a number of times;  the graph didn't show zeros!  One of the tecs said that the graph wasn't accurate!

I can't have everything!  I have an awesome place to live so I can't have all the perks!  :)

Thanks for stopping!  Have a great day!

Take a moment to remember those that gave us our freedom!  So Thankful to all those men, women and children  that have given their lives for us!  We are very lucky!
Canada is Awesome!  :)  Thank you!  :)


  1. HI there, you sure have been busy ! Beautiful designs and backgrounds. If you live where the dogs were in previous post, you are in paradise! Take good care, Shirleyxx ps.. good luck with your internet we had slow service when we lived in the country, it's a bit frustrating but as you said, think about the positives :)

  2. WOW! WOW! WOW!
    Where to start...? WOW! You have been busy, Love the ornament, going to call you about that! The stampscapes are lovely, Would love to try that someday with you, hint,hint. What is that big flower you used on so many cards ? Gorgeous!
    The board is awesome! The colour burst cards are cool and I think that one is my favourite card today. The heart card is just gorgeous, love it!
    Hope you are enjoying this spectacular day! I'm going to work outside and then finish off a card I made with that IO wreath stamp of yours.

  3. My word, you have been busy!! All are absolutely FABULOUS!! And how nice of your husband to buy the crafty goodies? How sweet!!

  4. Wowweee! You have been a busy beaver! Look at all the cards - and each one so beautiful! So many different styles and techniques! Very impressive! I could learn a lot from you! Your sparkly ornament is fabulous! Your hubby bought you a nice gift! Your internet sounds like a big pain! I would not be impressed if I had to pay extra - especially if someone else is using it! Have a wonderful evening!

  5. Your cards are all so very pretty. I love the Stampscapes one. Wow, you are super quick with those wonderful pan pastels. I have not tried them. Thanks for sharing.