Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Birthday Box

Tall Box;  (bag of candy inside!)
Not quite finished; ( the long piece of paper I will made into a tag! )
versatex ink with stampscape tree inked on large white paper; dried; scored ; cut

short box: hollyberry box stamp "end part" and Magenta holly stamp;
     ink:  olive
     coloring:  pan pastels (quick!)

Card: background was jelli printing;
      memory box;   versatex ink

stamped magenta holly with silver versatex ink!  

stamped "Ryn" stamp fairies with black ink on white paper; cut out
colored with pan pastels and a little of the silver versatex ink using a brush!

stamped "believe" ; wasn't big enough.......added the snowflake; missed the alignment!
still wasn't happy so added the "Tis the Season"
Like it better but think it needs 2 more smaller snowflakes!   Might help?

As always, in a rush!  Off to the city today!  "I think!"
My "kid" said that we would "do the wharf"( meaning we will bring it home before it freezes in the lake!) this AM but instead he is off to work!  :)
Plans change, life changes!  Blink of an eye!

  I wish everyone Health and Happiness!
Hope everyone has a great day today!  Thanks so much for stopping bye! Best Wishes to everyone!  :)


  1. Beautiful collection, nice to see the gorgeous ornament fairy by Ryn ! Take care xx

  2. ps...if you haven't yet, you could enter your card at Ryn's November Customer Art challenge. I don't think this link will work, but you will find it at her blog.

  3. Beautiful boxes and card! You are very talented - I love to see what you make! We went to Halifax on Monday - we don't go very often but it was a good day - we got what we wanted but it was very tiring!

  4. That's a beautiful birthday box! You're very creative.

  5. Hello again, pleasure to see more of your cards! The background in this one looks great! Like how the faerie's going off the page too.