Friday, November 13, 2015

Happy Friday!

 It has been been a long week with extra early morning starts since my DH has been traveling down to the south shore all week!

 Had plans to go make "oat" bunches on top of the hill this AM but the rain put a damper on my plans! 

So I was using my jelli plate!!!!.....  Have I said how great they are!  I'm into using my "cheap" white paper!  So if I can die cut and easily change the color with the awesome versatex inks or the other inks too; they hold all the little parts in place! But most of all; Make awesome background paper!  It is all just fun!

So a bunch of pics....hoping to inspire to use your gelli plates! :)
Nika's link
 One is in her give away this month!  :)

The card isn't finished.......die cut a sentiment!  or black peel off stickers!  it might be a birthday card!  Happy Holidays;  wasn't sure what that part of the plan is yet!  :)
Likely add some white "snow" on top of the branch and presents with the "  Amplify "  pen.
Did I say how much I like it too!  Amplify pen!

I made the background;  LOVED it had a tiny bit of shimmer to it!  Added gold after I brayer mixed the yellow and blue!  But then added another layer to make it better!  Yeah not so happy!  ......snowflakes that were purple!
So I made myself use it today!...  I think it works!
But the photo taker person;  hummmmm....the card base looks Blue?
it isn' is a nice shimmering purple too!

Nicole at Nika's in windsor brings in so so many awesome products!
I have had a Liquid Applique' pen for likely over a decade;  my husband bought it for me one Christmas while shopping at the Lamp shade store on the Bedford Highway!
I used Amplify pen the other day on my stampscapes.....I usually use white liquid ink and make a mess!  well this new pen was prefect....So it is nice dots of white shiny,; let dry.....or make it puff!  with the heat too!  I like both on the stamp scape!  and then go in after the puff snow and add stickles!

I'm getting a little better with planning......thanks to Nicole's classes!
 But I get inspired as I go!  Today it was a wow day!  The background paper; ( I didn't take a pic of them once finished)  was so cool to make!  Love mixing the colors! I have way too many toys!  :)  But I like them all!

Hope you all are having a great day!  Happy Friday!  My crafty time has expired a long while ago so I best get to work!  :)


  1. Beautiful card! Your gelli printing looks like fun - I don't have anything like this so I am out of the loop as to what it's all about. You did a wonderful job with masking the girl and the gifts - love how this turned out! You have the stencil that I've been looking for! I bet you got it at Nika's! Glad you had some play-time! Take care, my friend! I will email you at some point - you know me - it will take me awhile hehe!

  2. Beautiful results with your Gelli plate. I haven't had mine out for while that needs to change. I think I need to buy the small plate, they have them at our local scrap shop. Take care, xx