Monday, November 16, 2015


My stand of oats!   Remembering my Dad!

I made the other bundle (leaf roses) heather and hydrangea back in August;   had it on a stand of oats too!  But the chipmunk ate off the oats!  I used pine and holly instead to finish it off this time!  Put the bows on and took them to the grave right away! :)

I have been making the oat bundles for a very long time; but now every year I always make one;   in remembrance of my Dad!

This Saturday marks the Anniversary of saying good bye!  But everyday I remember him and miss him!  Hunting season it is both happy and annoying!  Hate that the dogs and I have to  wear orange but happy I get to wear my dad's coat!  He loved going hunting; not really for the game;  but for the adventure in the woods!  He always hiked!  Loved being in the woods!  

Hope everyone has a great day!   Health and happiness!
Best Wishes to everyone and thanks for stopping bye!


  1. What a beautiful creation in memory of your Dad. It's hard to lose our loved ones for sure but your memories help keep him with you. You sound so excited about the woods and nature, it's great. Enjoy xx

  2. It is a sad anniversary, Shelly, but what wonderful and sweet memories you have of him. How nice it must be to wear his coat.
    The bundles are beautiful.

  3. So sorry about losing your Dad - I know you miss him terribly. Your oat bundle is gorgeous - you are so creative and talented. I know your Dad would appreciate this remembrance. Sending hugs...