Thursday, June 4, 2015

Sorry! Computer issues!

I have noticed that I keep getting these "pop" ups and open in a window/tab when I'm "blogging"  !
Our Internet speed is horrible!  5 o clock till 7:15 AM is okay!  So I get quickly discouraged  when on the web because of speed / time / patient issues!  less than 2 years on "high speed"  (not the real deal!) ;  dial up before this!  But I'm lucky that I have better than dial up now!

I see that one of my posts on a blog has a ""pop" up ad in it now!  So sorry if I am causing this computer glitch!  I'm not running Windows so not the same issues as most!   But this is so like a windows issue!

Anyway;  I will try learn about this and fix but time is that limiting factor!
My apologizes!

Add June 10th:  It was google chrome causing my issues!  So I just won't use it!  :) All is great!


  1. Hope you get your computer issues fixed soon can be so frustrating .