Tuesday, June 23, 2015


It is really foggy here this morning!  I'm hoping to get out soon; always; lots to do!  Yesterday I spent the morning and part of the afternoon cleaning;  not my house!  I have a long ways to go!  And hoping to have a great inspiration!  :)

Anyway, made a quick card this morning!  Little over board with the glue! my Rubber cement pickup by Heinz Jordan & Co. Ltd. was just the thing!  I got mind from Nika's in Windsor!  Thanks Nika for pointing it out one day!

Have a great day everyone!


  1. You are very mysterious today! Please tell us what you are cleaning. I've been doing too much house cleaning lately and I could use some of the inspiration you are getting! And I don't see the card with the glue - I hope you can post it later. And the tool as well. Inquiring minds want to know LOL! Enjoy your day and let's hope the sun comes out! It's dreary here too, not really foggy but overcast and cool.

  2. Good afternoon thanks for the lovely comments you left on my blog .I'm curious what you are cleaning too. LOL. You were wondering what I made my flowers out of . I use Bazzill cardstock but break down the fibers with my stylus --this softens the paper then I sponge with distress ink or spray them .Hope this helps . I've used coffee filters too at times . Did you forget to post the picture of your card ?????