Wednesday, June 24, 2015


To be home on a Tuesday is very rare!  But no obedience class and no physio!
I went fencing for a while;  I'm not very good at it but I try!  One week, I was taking fence down;  now I'm putting some up!  It is all about my dogs safety!

I am thankful that I'm know some of the bad weeds for id!  pulled curled dock in one field and found more nightshade when I was fencing!  Colts foot is now here too!  I hand weed as much as I can.  Smother areas with black plastic, mulch with peat/ straw/cardboard/ wood chips;  hand dig using the soil wedge as my weed control!  I don't use our rotter tiller!  I hill everything too much now to make it's use practical and My arm hurt too bad after using it!  .... And soil is not dirt!  :)

As some of you know,  our weim has separation anxiety so she is with me pretty much all the time!  She owns me!  our youngest sheltie loves me; our smallest and oldest sheltie, Hates me!  'that 'about sums it up!   But the grey ghost of Germany gives me confidence!  She is an awesome dog,  she make me feel safe and she is a motivator!  She and our youngest  love their walks to the lake!  Nothing is better seeing them free and happy!  And then swimming!  :)  I'm pretty lucky!

 Last week I should have been going to the senior home and making cards with them.....but didn't get it organized in time!  So because I felt guilty, I took T in for a visit!  Visiting with the dogs is a great "feel  good day"!  I need to do that more!  And I have been asked to make cards with another group of residence in another wing!  It is great to make others happy!

So this is what I've been working on the rain days!.....nothing finished!  2 boxes;  2 shingles and little water color! I think I messed up with putting some non water color paper in the correct envelope/folder!    I'm not very good at telling the difference with some of the papers!  I use to buy watercolor paper from Tia in Windsor and  I always put it in a special place since it just looked like regular card stock!  Water color is a whole new world!  :)  The light piece of paper with the rose;  didn't like the water paints!  So I  messed up!

The shingle with the farm;  not liking it!  Almost painted over the whole thing today!  Maybe my next "play date" my friends will help me fix it!
Painting still is so much quicker!  this with some wire or jute; or maybe a cluster if twigs; or rye!  Lots of ideas!   I goofed on the letter L a bit!  But maybe out of style? Tole painting! What is old is new again?  Crafting does make me happy!

Thanks for stopping and  looking!  have an awesome week!


  1. Good morning wow you sure have a a lot of work to do but it sure pays off in the long run . If only the sun would shine for a few days in a row . Miserable here in Cape Breton again today so guess I will spend some time in my craft room later .

  2. Well you've been super busy! I got tired just reading about everything you had to do! Sounds like the dogs are great company for you while you get everything done. Your blueberries look wonderful - one of my favourites! Your painted signs look amazing!