Thursday, March 26, 2015

Wednesday Class

My friend and I took another awesome class on Wednesday at Nika's.  I'm not sure I am going to make a good water color person!  I struggled adding water to paper!  :)  BUT love using tom bows with a brush now!  Thank you Nicole!  Like I say;  learn lots!

I use to use a cd for mixing on....but really like her method!

Fun day!  Always awesome learning!  And being inspired to use what we already have!
I'm happy;  I have more tom bows now!  I didn't have any purple and only a couple of values of some color families!  I love coloring tools!

Ps....that rose on the left;  Nicole hand sketched!  She is pretty awesome!

So last night I got to play;  for a little bit! After we had to shovel the windows out on the garage!

I had a card to make for a 95 birthday tomorrow;  I made a quick stampscape!  Using watercolor paper and tom bow markers!

My horizon needs a little more depth;  looks like a hill back there!

But it was fun!

Finally used this stamp!  Had it for years!

 I was planning on going to Truro today to visit my uncle!  But talking myself out of it!  It is trying to snow here!  the driveway is like ice!
And worried about this rain on the way and water build up around our yard!
So on here typing/ posting quickly!!!...  :)
Hope you all are are doing great!  Many thanks for stopping bye!  Have a great day!


  1. The stampscape is beautiful! I think you might like paint better when you see all the pretty things you can make with those backgrounds.
    I love the piece that you did the resist on. It looks like a framable piece of artwork to me !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Looks like you had a great class, Tom bow markers are great fun :) love the bright colours, Shirleyxx