Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Holly Berry stamp and gelatos!

It is another snowy day here in NS!  Puts a damper in my plans for the rest of the week!  We were planning to go to the city today but instead are staying home!  Tomorrow, I was planning to go visit my Uncle that is now in a nursing home!  Friday I should go show my respects to another great lady who has passed on!  She was a great crafty person and taught me macrame!

So today I should not be making boxes or on the web typing! But, I had an idea to try!  So here I am posting!  Quickly!

 My quick adding color with the gelatos!  Move the color around with the foam wedge (thanks to Nika for that tool idea)!  you can take the time and paint them detailed if so desired;  add glitter or what ever;  they would be beautiful works of art!
This method works for me!  Fast!  Touch up a little with brush and water!  Done!  :)

These holly berry stamps can be found at Nika's in Windsor and she has a sale on!

 New Promo until the end of March:
40% reduction: find most floral stamps reduced.
(exclusion mini clears and Magenta.)
The Feminine Mystique sale continues 'till Saturday-
lots of gorgeous artful stamps on sale at 30 % reduction.
Here is a link to the holly berry blog where you can find all kinds of beautiful samples!

The first box I tried, was made with this card stock that I hate!  I didn't mask my top stamping great but I used two holly berry stamps to do it!  It isn't bad!  didn't color it before I put it together;  initially was going to use paints to color, so having it together wasn't an issue!

 Plan and sticking with it!
 I do start out with a sort of a plan but my plan usually changes as I go!  I get new ideas, inspired by something !  If I was to go back and do everything perfect or how I plan, I would likely never get anything made!
I always goof up something!  I guess that is why for hand crafts,  I loved to tatt!  Make a mistake,  just cut it off and start again!

And I think this is why in the "dog world"  I really never had much desire for "titles"  because the dog usually had it correct!  it was me that always messed up and wasting money on my mess ups!  However, "Titles" gives a sense of respect;  when you have a "title", people tend to give you more credibility with what you have to say or do!  But experience is often better than that piece of paper!

 Almost had a messy dog interaction yesterday!  People with big dogs that are not in control is not a good mix!  Glad my friend is so cool and calm!   I'm a over reactive, protective, worrier! The good news, no altercation happened this time!

Anyway, thanks for looking!  Have a great day!


  1. What a beautiful box I have yet to master the gelato's but will keep trying. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. Beautiful project, love the colours and images :) Shirley xx

  3. Hi I'm back, I just read the comment you left at a mixed media card at my blog, thank you so much! I've been away so behind in everything :) Some day I hope to get to Nova Scotia, the east coast people are so friendly. Take care, Shirleyxx