Monday, March 2, 2015

March already! Gelatos Backgrounds cards

I have a timer set this morning so I will stay on track!
 Lots to do with all this snow!  I just got off the phone with my Uncle to tell him that I wouldn't be up to see him again today because of the snow!  But with snow I do get to "play"!
I had the pleasure to have a couple of my friends over Friday.  It was a great day!  And it was great to see my dogs tired out!

So I have been playing a lot with my gelatos!  I'm really liking making the backgrounds now!  I usually apply the light yellow first  along the edge of the paper , continue applying darker colors in the same group of colors; blending between each application;  I use a piece of foam or sometimes just a pomp pomp to blend;  circular motion on and off my craft sheet just like when we use inks.  Gelatos are fast not as messy and a little more forgiving to me!  I'm really bad for not testing things before I put it to the paper!  Very bad!  So for me, gelatos work!  We (my friend and I) coloring with gelatos, She using her blender marker and a little reinker spray!  She achieves that soft shading effect and we are in total control of the out come.   Quicker than colored pencils;  softer than markers;  no paper piling!

 this was an example of this method using the gelatos.  The water color crayons work great doing them this way too!  They are an awesome product too!
But I couldn't make them do a background like the gelatos.

I have lots of different products and inks;  I like them all! They all have a purpose and some might work better with a different product or application than others.  All are tools to inspire!   As with training our canine friends;  all the experiences and devises give us a tool in our "bag".  The out come may work or may not!  But as long as I'm having fun trying!  :)

 My Mom suggested a bow or a large Easter egg to the left of the tree!    Might add it! Nika (Paper art store)inspired me the other day with her composition stamping! (She has lots of ideas! :) ) So I dug out a set of clear stamps that I have had for years; never used!  Not quite a finished product; not perfect but I was inspired!
 thought I would post anyway!  :)  the flowers need yellow centres!

 This was really quick to make! stamping was with memento ,brilliance, archival and versa Magic.  Color edging was gelatos!  :)  Quick !  Now if I only could get the layers on straight!
 This might be too messy for some!  This was gelatos to the left and Lyra water crayolas to the right.
The left ones I like the shadows!  The right one not happy with at all!

Now I need a lesson on making things straight!  I need another gadget!  :)

thanks for looking  have a great day!

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  1. Wow you've been busy thanks for sharing all the tips on coloring with Gelatos I have a set but forget to use them . I like the shading you have created with all the cards . Maybe I'll play later today since it's a snowy day .