Monday, March 9, 2015

Flowers: gelatos!

Note cards and box!  The image on the box might have been with ink not gelatos!  I even hand cut the scallop on the box!  The light green paper has a touch of sparkle!  Thank you Nika's!

Rubbed the gelato direct to the stamp;  yellow first then red/pink and green

Misted water in the air;  walked the stamp into the mist, a couple of times
Then stamped!

I like how they turned out!  I was going to add more stamping but tried to keep it simple!  :)

Thanks for looking!  Have a great week!


  1. Fabulous stamping with Gelatos ! I have neocolour crayons I should try this technique with. Tom bow markers work well too :) Thanks for all your kind words at my blog, Shirleyxx

    1. I never use my tom bow markers! :( Thanks will try! And thank you for you words of encouragement!

  2. Beautiful cards! What stamp is that?